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 Post Posted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 12:15 am 
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"You like him" Tex drawled half drunk clutching a glass of red wine.

"No no no Tex, She LOVES him" India replied before abruptly taking the glass away before it would end up over poor Nancy's head.

"I do not like or love Darren Osbourne!" an adamant Nancy almost screamed out to the pub. India and Texas almost like twins cried out in unison:

"Then why are you blushing?"

", goes straight to my head makes my face read, bit like an alcoholic...but not an alcoholic" Nancy stammered foolishly thinking why didn't she comment on the warmth of the room. Both girls would now know that she was definately talking a whole lot of bull.

"Okay then" said India not wanting Tex to practically give a free shout out to the pub about how one of her best friends was curshing on Darren Osbourne. "Obviously she doesn't fancy him Tex"

"Mmmmhmmm....WINE!" Tex's eyes lit up as she tipsily staggered across to the bar. India rolled her eyes and Nancy was trying desperately to cool her self down with a beer mat. Next of all Darren Osbourne came into the pub. His eyes met Nancy's and although she desperately tried to look away and stop herself from looking like a tomato - she couldn't help but fancy him.

India grinned noticing Darren and secretly beckoned him to come over. As he did so she stood up and made her way towards the bar. Darren sat down on the seat next to Nancy's, originally Texas's, but they could both clearly see she was in no hurry to come sitting back down, especially since she was playing her special game of tonsil tennis with a bloke she'd probably just met.

"Alright?" Darren asked Nancy who still wasn't making eye contact. Darren could feel his palms getting clammy and the gel on his hair was beginning to make his hair looked greasy.

"Yes Darren I am completely and utterly fine thankyou" said Nancy looking round the bar as though not to be seen with him.

"Listen - I know we don't like each other, well I know that you don't like me, but I like you and I think I'm falling for you - what happened last night wasn't a mistake for me it made me realise who I care about"

"Darren, I'm touched really I'm touched but I just don't see us working out"

At this point India came over to the table. Both Darren and Nancy almost passed out in relief.

"Hey guys" she said nervously not wanting to be a third wheel but could clearly see she was intruding.

"It's okay India - I saw you eavsdropping" Nancy replied in quite a sarcastic tone. India smiled quite
sheepishly and innocently as if she would never do a thing like that in her life.

"Okay maybe I was but Nancy you obviously both like each other, please don't let other people's judgements and opinions get in the way of something that could be really special"

Finally Nancy's gaze met Darren's as she took in what India was saying.

5 years later

To this day Nancy remembered the conversation that got her in a relationship with Darren Osbourne. She glanced around their flat they shared together, the floors covered in bridal gear.She glanced down at what she was wearing - her wedding dress and smiled when her three bridesmaids and close personal friends Texas, India and Zoe walked into the room wearing ruby red dresses. They cheered and whooped when they saw Nancy- how beautiful she looked even with her slight pregnancy bump.

"Who knew" said Zoe - who moved back to Hollyoaks after travelling then living in London before finally starting a romance with her best boy mate Zak with there 2 year old son Harvey in tow. "You'd marry my ex-boyfriend, I'm sooo happy for you both!!"

"Thanks Zo! - I would have never thought it either but I love him"

"Well you better do! C'mon it's time to go get married!"

"Nance the limousine's waiting outside" smiled Tex. "We'd better go practically everyone in Hollyoaks is either waiting for you in the village or at the church!"

Nancy smiled at her friends whilst India ushered for her to leave the flat and make her way to the transport. India glance around the village not recognising most of the people who had turned up for Nancy's wedding. Nancy seemed to know them all and happily greeted them all after accepting compliments on how gorgeous she looked. She stepped into the limousine as the sun begin to shone. Texas
was sitting there already bored, and after seeing how everyone had gotten in she tapped on the window and told the driver to step on it.

Nancy looked out of the window, not so much nervous or scared just remininscing of the times when she called Darren a sleazeball. Who knew she would fall in love with him and then go on to marry him and carry his child?

 Post Posted: Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:16 am 
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Ooo Zoe and Zak! and Nancy with a bump!


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