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 Post Posted: Wed May 30, 2018 10:14 pm 
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I recently over the past couple of weeks have marathon watched (what's available on YouTube) Night and Day, the soap from 2001-2003.
I recognized several soap actors including Marnie, Russ and Jake from Hollyoaks and Faith from Emmerdale, which motivated me to watch.
It's a very unusual show, very whimsical and imaginative, with scenes of Virginity Fairies discouraging girls from having sex (that there were no male Virginity Fairies seems like a huge oversight that would've been fun), a great pop soundrack, more camp than you would know what to do with, a flying car Grease tribute, etc.
The show is structured around two families, the mothers and two daughters are best friends. The early episodes build up to the disappearance of one of the two daughters, popular, bitchy Jane whose idealistic life hides secrets under the surface. There's a pretty good mystery build up there as we see how her disappearance affects people around her.
The show was fun but it was a bit flawed. Some of the stories just dragged and dragged - like the character Mike who's closeted gay struggles to come out and deal with his wife for three seasons. That went on entirely too long without enough progress. Other silly stories seems - like the Virgin Army - just seemed like a distraction taking time away from the stories I was more interested in. But overall it's a fun romp. It's imagination and unique vision balanced out it's storytelling deficiencies.
About a third of the episodes from the show are missing, mostly from the first season and early second season. It's a shame this show hasn't been syndicated since it was shown. I was able to follow along with the story pretty well even with those missing episodes. It's pretty much the first 5 omnibus shows, then a good year's worth of episodes missing after that, but once the episodes pick back up they're nearly all available.
My favorite characters were Lysette Anthony's bohemian hairdresser Roxanne, control freak Natalie , and the wickedly camp Aunt Rachel.
I'm still buzzing along deep in thought after watching the finale, which does at least wrap everything up fairly satisfyingly.


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