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 Post subject: Reflections ( Ryan )
 Post Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:49 pm 
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Title : Reflections
Pairing : Ryan & Maddie
Other peepz in fic : Horatio,Calleigh,Eric,Alexx and Marc ( Maddie's violent boyfriend )
Rating : Pg13/NC-17
Summary : Ryan had thought about his friend Maddie and wondered how she was doing and Ryan had no idea what Maddie was going through until he saw her one day and will Maddie let Ryan rescue her?

Chapter One

Maddie Caine was stuck in a violent relationship with Marc and for Maddie she thought there was no way out and she began to think of going to see her friend Ryan and see if he could help her break free from her relationship and couple of days later, Maddie was down at the beach when Ryan saw her and so Ryan walked over and sat down next to Maddie and asks " Hey you ok?" and Maddie looks at Ryan and shakes her head while having blood dripping from a cut to the cheekbone and Ryan gently cleans Maddie's cut and then Ryan wraps his arm around Maddie who cries on Ryan's chest and Ryan asks Maddie " Wanna stay at mine?" and Maddie nods at Ryan's question, so Ryan gets up and extends his hand to Maddie who grabs it gently and once Maddie is on her feet, she moves in closer to Ryan who keeps his arm around Maddie and they walk to Ryan's apartment which was nearby and 10mins later, Ryan and Maddie arrive at the apartment and Ryan opens the door and lets Maddie in first, then Ryan knew about Marc but didnt know what he was doing to Maddie, then Ryan asks Maddie " Is Marc being violent to you?" and Maddie nods to which Ryan vows to protect Maddie.

Ryan leant in towards Maddie and softly kisses her and Maddie responds to Ryan's soft kiss, then Ryan leads Maddie to the bedroom and for Maddie, she knew that Ryan was so sweet and so Ryan and Maddie end up in bed together and Maddie snuggles into Ryan's body and then Ryan tells Maddie " i've always loved you and i know that you deserve someone who wont hurt you" and so Maddie looks up at Ryan and confesses " I've felt that way too and i'd rather stay here with you more than anything in the world", Ryan leans down to Maddie and they share another soft kiss together and fall into a peaceful sleep.

( Next Morning )

Ryan wakes up and looks at Maddie sound asleep next to him then Maddie wakes up and notices that Ryan is awake and Maddie sits up and gets a hug from Ryan along with a kiss, and Ryan tells Maddie " I love you" and so Maddie tells Ryan " I love you too" and they seal their secret love with a kiss and so Ryan tells Maddie " i'm gonna get you away from Marc so you can finally be with me that is if you want to" and so Maddie nods to Ryan's request and this makes Ryan smile and then Maddie's phone rings and Ryan looks at the caller i.d to find that it's Marc and rejects the call and Maddie moves closer to Ryan who wraps both arms around Maddie to protect her from Marc.

Does Ryan manage to protect Maddie or will something worse happen?

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