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 Post subject: Come What May Fic
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 09, 2011 3:28 am 
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Title: Come What May
Rating: PG13-ish with some NC-17
Pairing: Martin & Sophie
Other people in fic: Jack,Vivian,Danny,Samantha and Sophie's parents plus Martin's parents
Summary: Martin and Sophie had been together for two years and Sophie decides she wants to be in New York instead of Boston but her parents dont like Martin and all Sophie wants is to be with Martin full time in New York so she leaves.

Chapter 1

( Boston - Sophie calls Martin )

Sophie - Hey missing you
Martin - Hey i'm missing you too
Sophie - I hate living in Boston
Martin - What's up?
Sophie - I wanna be in New York with you and away from my parents
Martin - It would be a great idea if you were here with me and that way we could be happy
Sophie - I'll pack my stuff and leave to be with you
Martin - Yeah and you know that i love you right?
Sophie - Yeah course and i love you too
Martin - I gotta go and i'll see you when you get to New York
Sophie - Cant wait to see you and live our life together
Martin - Love you sweetheart
Sophie - I love you too darlin'

( End of call )

Sophie sets her phone down next to her laptop and grabs a bag out of the wardrobe and starts putting her clothes into it and everything else that Sophie will need including her phone charger and the laptop and the music as well. Sophie knows that she is doing the right thing in leaving to be with Martin in New York and can live with Martin in peace without her parents telling her what to do and who to date. Sophie never really knew the reason her parents didnt like Martin and the only thing that mattered was that Martin was one of the nicest guys that Sophie has ever met and yet they love each other.

Martin was so excited that Sophie was moving to New York so they could share their lives together and Martin knew how lucky he was to be with Sophie and once Sophie made it there to New York as she was travelling from Boston and had her ipod on and playing the song that reminded her of Martin and so Sophie didnt think that her parents would know that she had left home to be with Martin who meant the world to Sophie.

( New York )

Sophie had arrived in New York and called Martin " I'm here and cant wait to see you" and Martin leaves work to get Sophie at the station and once Martin sees Sophie, he runs over to her and gives her a huge hug and Sophie hugs Martin back who picked up Sophie's stuff and they walked out of the station and over to Martin's car and Martin put the stuff in the boot and got inside the car with Sophie and they travel to Martin's apartment which wasnt far away.

Martin and Sophie arrived at the apartment block and parked the car and got the stuff from the boot and Martin locked the car and lead Sophie inside and up to their home and once there Martin unlocked the door and let Sophie in first who looked around and instantly fell in love with the apartment and Sophie walks back over to Martin and kissed him and so Martin responds to the kiss and leads Sophie into their bedroom and things get steamy and they go all the way without using anything and after a while, Martin pulls Sophie into his warm body and Sophie leans her head on Martin's bare chest with the warm duvet over them.

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